Ease the Body to Ease the Mind


Personal Empowerment

That's what it's all about.  

Feeling good about yourself, having meaningful relationships and enjoying life.  

But sometimes things get in the way:

* Something has happened that blew you out of the water

*Your systems for coping aren’t working for you anymore

*You mind keeps trying to figure things out

*The energies feel to big to contain

*You get triggered in situations you don’t want to be triggered in

*Relationships are getting harder to navigate

Through our work together:

*You will learn why you can’t keep it together and somatic tools to help

*You’ll be able to engage in life more fully

*Stress will be easier to manage

*You’ll be able to get a grip on your emotions

*You’ll feel more confident

This can be done:

*With compassionate boundaries and understanding how your nervous system has dealt with all that you've been through.  

*Learning the Body is the way in to get out of old habits

*I’ll have your back as walk through the hard stuff

* Learning some key practices to keep your body and mind on more even ground

If you're just starting your journey or you've been doing good personal work for awhile but you know there is something missing..... 

I can help.