Working with Andrea


Our work together will include talking and Somatic (body) awareness.  Now if you're saying "Body?  What body? I don't want to pay attention to my body!" You are right where I started.  

*There will be some education about how our nervous systems work and where you are right now.  

*We'll go at your pace.  

*We'll go at the pace of your nervous system.  (there is a difference)

*You'll learn tools that you can use outside of session to help find ease.  

*You'll learn your language for body awareness, as everyone is a bit different.  

*I'll give you options.  

* I'll be your biggest cheerleader.  

*And I'll push gently when I/we think you're ready to grow.  

*Healing doesn't need to involve jumping right into 'what's wrong' or 'what's happened'.  

*Together we'll find what's Right so the 'what's wrong' won't be so big to handle.  

*Integration of big material takes time.  

Does that sound relieving, exciting or maybe a bit scarey?  

Again, you're in the right place.  

Ways to work with me:

Private Sessions:

I offer one on one Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Organic Intelligence (OI) Sessions focusing on your helping your nervous system regulation to reach your goals. 

Professional Consultations:

I am an approved session and consult provider for Somatic Experiencing (SE), approved through the advanced level and I’ve taken many of Peter Levine’s master classes.

Sessions are offered through Skype, Zoom or FaceTime

$125 per hour, $50 each additional 30mins.   I do offer sliding scale ($100 - $125) when I have an opening in my practice. I do not accept insurance.  Payment through Paypal or check. 

Please allow 24hr cancellation time so not to be charged.

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*I am not a therapist and reserve the right to refer out, should we not be a good fit or if the work is outside my scope of practice. Please download my intake form (below) for more information.