It all started when...

I was out of college and living on my own in Los Angeles.  There were more unknown people hanging out around my apartment and it was causing me not to go outside unless I had too.  A women at work recommended that I take a self defense class.  When I finally gathered the courage to go, through the support of the teachers and the class, I used my fear and turned it into confidence.   And sometimes it takes falling apart to come back together.  This beginning of empowerment also showed me where I needed to do some work.  I almost had a personal breakdown at work which thankfully brought me into counseling.  It was there that I realized that LA was no longer for me.  

I moved to San Francisco, back near my home town, and continued my work in the film industry.   I worked as a Production Supervisor for tv commercials at my dream job.  Industrial Light and Magic.  The guys that did Star Wars.  Yup.  This Star Wars geek was in heaven.  

While there I also looked up the local chapter of the Self Defense class I took in LA.  I began assisting the classes and eventually trained to an instructor.  I worked part time for them for over 10 years.  I taught self defense to women, men and teens and continued to develop a boundaries course that was started my senior colleagues.  I learned about boundaries by first learning to defend myself physically, then went on to learn that boundaries apply to all areas of my life.  I am very passionate about helping others find their boundaries!  

I continued my counseling while in SF and I am so grateful to my therapist as she introduced to me the work she was studying called Somatic Experiencing™, developed by Peter Levine.  It really was in line with the work I was doing teaching self defense.  This approach started to teach me how the nervous system works and adapts when we have difficult or traumatic events in our lives.  I began my training in 2001 with my teacher Steve Hoskinson who went on to develop Organic Intelligence™.  I have steeped myself in his teachings of how to see the bigger picture of healing from trauma and getting back in touch with our innate capacity for joy.  Through the years I continued to coordinate and assist at all the trainings I could so I could be in this wonderful field of healing.    I also had the privilege of traveling to India with a team of Practitioners headed by another SE faculty, Raja Selvem, to bring this work to the survivors of the Tsunami.  I was transformed.

While going through my training, I left the film industry and began to study Massage and other forms of body work.  While I worked as a massage therapist for 10 years, I started my own private practice to assist those who had gone through difficult times and wanted to heal. I have since found and married Kevin, my amazing husband who I have followed to the Central Valley of California so he could return to his family pistachio ranch to help support his family and return to his love of farming. 

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In past years I also had the pleasure of being mentored by John Young, the founder of 8shields where I am just beginning to open up to my intrinsic belonging and understanding of nature.  If you haven't read, What the Robin knows, I'd recommend you start there.  

Today I continue to Coordinate with another SE teacher, Kathy Kain with her work in Somatic Practices. The work in Organic Intelligence™ plays a big role in my personal work and the support I offer others.  I am also becoming deeply aware of my privilege, more than I was ever aware of, and am learning, with guidance from others in the field of diversity and social justice, how I can better listen and support equity amongst those I come in contact with.  So much to learn.   My healing and my depth of understanding of how we can heal, continues as I participate in these amazing communities.  


Its been a long road to this place where I'm finally sharing myself, my gifts and my skills, with more of the world.  I hope we have a chance to work together.  



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